My most loyal supporters. / by Jordan Nimlos

I've been shooting photos for people for a few years now.  Over those years, I've grown a lot as a photographer.  I've learned new skills, purchased better equipment, and just changed the way I do a lot of things.  I definitely still have room to grow, but it is amazing to me to look back and see how much my work has improved since I began.

The Sollie family, whom I've known for years now, was one of my earliest "professional" shoots--the second, actually.  I am honored to have been their family photographer a number of times since then.  Ben and Amy, I truly value your friendship, and your support means the world to me.  Thanks.

Here are a few photos from some of our earliest shoots, followed by my favorites from our most recent shoot in October this year.  The last 3 are some of my favorite shots I've ever taken of any couple.  The depth of emotion in their expressions is why I do what I do.