Katie & Lonny - A Fine Evening in the City by Jordan Nimlos

I love Saint Paul.  Among all the cities I have visited, it is unique.  Something about the place always makes me feel like I belong there, like anyone is welcome to call it home.  I'm not saying that it's for everyone.  But to me it has at least a little bit of the small town vibe.  It feels down-to-earth.  It feels hospitable.  It feels natural.  Saint Paul invites you to be yourself.   

It was, therefore, the perfect setting for this recent pregnancy photoshoot.  And for a couple that told me they never come to St. Paul, they sure fit right in: easy-going, comfortable and natural - lovely people.  I had a wonderful time getting to know them a bit as we explored part of the city, and an equally wonderful time photographing them.  

These pictures are some of my favorites from the shoot.  But these folks were so easy (and fun!) to work with that there are many more favorites.  I figure they must be Saint Paul people at heart.  It was a privilege to meet this beautiful couple and capture this special moment in their lives.  Congratulations Katie and Lonny!

- JN