Superior National Forest

Superior Hiking Trail engagement--Cassie and Ben by Jordan Nimlos

Overlooking Bean Lake, Superior National Forest, Minnesota.

Hey friends.

Alright, so I haven't had a lot of extra time this year.  Plenty of shoots since my last post (which was in January), but no time to blog any of them.  But this one needs its own post.  This wasn't your average engagement shoot.  This one involved camping--real camping.  Carry-everything-in-on-your-back camping.  It involved miles of hiking, by night with headlamps through the Superior National Forest.  Through mud and a probably-sprained ankle (not mine).  I digress.  Most importantly, it involved two of my best friends: Ben and Cassie.

Proof that we actually hiked in at night, with everything on our backs.

Proof that we actually hiked in at night, with everything on our backs.

Ben and I have been friends for almost 10 years.  I can say that he is a loyal and wise friend, an honest and sincere person, and an excellent photographer (of course we shoot together).  I met Cassie about 3 years ago, around the same time that the two of them became friends.  Cassie is kind, genuine, easy-going, and a passionate teacher.  Both of them are playful adventurers with big hearts for serving others.  It's been a privilege to watch their relationship grow from acquaintances to friends to dating, and now during their engagement it's exciting to see them prepare for their wedding and their marriage.

These two are perfect for each other, and I couldn't be happier for them.

I was honored that they asked me to shoot engagement photos for them, and they could hardly have picked a more beautiful location: Minnesota's North Shore in the fall.  I must have shot about 1000 photos on our trip, not only of them but of the perfect fall colors.  Here are a few of my favorites: